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Done by People, Inspired by Calves

Topcalf is an official brand of the Dutch company Schrijver Stalinrichting B.V. We believe that the success of a productive cow starts with the proper care of the calf. Every calf has the right to the best care. Calf housing plays an important role in this. Topcalf produces high quality calf housing completely according to your wishes. All Topcalf installations comply with the established EU regulations and deliver top performances in the area of animal welfare, climate, hygiene and working comfort. Get in touch

Why Topcalf?

  • Experience – for over 50 years
  • Committed – building your future together
  • Reliable – we say what we do & do what we say
  • Innovative – we continuously come up with new solutions for your stable
  • Flexible – thanks to the short lines, we can switch quickly


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Major renovation: convert 100 lying areas into Topcalf boxes
Calf hutches with space for 8 calves

Even if it all has to be slightly larger than the standard, there is a solution. These calf boxes can accommodate 8 calves in a row and are mounted on a solid and mobile substructure....

Sliding curtain for the Trio, Quatro and Quintobox

It's not always nice spring weather. A sliding curtain provides an optimal protection for the calf against wind, rain and snow....