Individual calf hutch

Your calves are the milk cows of the future! Therefore your young cattle deserve the best possible care. In order to guarantee a high milk production a good calf rearing plan is of high importance. One  of the main aspects in calf rearing, is the calf housing. By keeping your young calves in a high quality calf hutch you ensure that infections have no chance. Besides, the Topcalf calf hutches are flexible and can be transformed into group housing by simply removing the partitioning wall.

Why use calf hutches?

The Topcalf calf hutch respect the regulations and provide a save shelter for your calves. In the development of our calf pens, the animal welfare and working conditions have been taken into account. Calves stay 20 cm above the group, which provides a nice and dry bed. Furthermore, thanks to, either, wheels or a forklift tube our hutches can be placed anywhere you want. Is it too cold outside? Then you can simple move it inside?  Next to transporting the housing system, the pens are made of plastic walls which gives bacteria no chance of attaching.

individual or paired calf housing

When it comes to housing calves individually or in groups several factors have to be considered. In the first week of a calf’s life it is recommended to keep them in single hutches as this decreases the chance of infections. However after this week your calves can be confined in a super calf hutchResearch has shown that paired calf housing results in significantly better growth and milk production. Since calf tend to stimulate one another in the food intake, they can achieve a higher growth in shorter period of time. Topcalf recommends this kind of calf rearing system and is in favor of the all-in-all-out approach. By having your calves in one place reduces the number of stress moments and will increase the growth.

calf housing with perspective

* Calf housing with perspective; calves are housed in double calf hutches and transferred to the super calf hutch next door when she is strong enough


Calf hutch accessories

In order to provide you and your calves with the best possible solutions we offer a large range of accessories. Some of the accessories, like calf feeders, are standard included in the package. Would you like a better climate in your hutch? Then you might want to think about a livestock curtain or ventilation shafts.

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