Individual calf hutch
Your calves are the milk cows of the future! Therefore, during the calf rearing your calves deserve the best possible care. . In order to guarantee a high milk production a good calf rearing plan is of high importance. One  of the main aspects in calf rearing, is the calf housing. By keeping your young calves in a high quality calf hutch you ensure that infections have no chance. Besides, the Topcalf calf hutches are flexible and can be transformed into group housing by simply removing the partitioning wall.

Calf hutch accessories
In order to provide you and your calves with the best possible solutions we offer a large range of accessories. Some of the accessories, like calf feeders, are standard included in the package. Would you like a better climate in your hutch? Then you might want to think about a livestock curtain or ventilation shafts.

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