calf feeder

  • Hiko calf feeder with click system
  • Transparant so you can always see how much your calf drinks
  • Easy to clean & install
  • Available with lit
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Why a calf feeder?

Nutrition is essential for the growth development of your calves. Along the way we still see young cattle with digestive problems, like diarrhea. Calves develop an abomasum where milk is being digested. However, does the milk end up in the rumen, so-called rumen drinking, then milk will start to rot. When a calf drinkt too fast or too much, the odds that milk ends up in the rumen is high. Hereby, the calf feeder offers several benefits:


  • Individual nutrition
  • Better digestion thanks to slower milk flow
  • Calfs learn via an easy way to drink
  • Reduces the possibility of rumen drinking
  • Optimal spit production

In order to optimize the nutrition of your calves, Topcalf offers Hiko calf feeders. The advantage of these calf feeders is that, besides the ones mentioned above, they are easy to clean and install. Furthermore, they are transparant which allows you to see exactly how much each calf drinks.

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