double calf hutch

  • Frame made of galvanized steel
  • Solid plastic walls
  • Divisible front gates
  • Optional with removable separation wall so you can easily change it in
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Standard version: 202 x 150 x 100 cm

Duo with removable walls: 204,5 x 182 x 100 cm

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topcalf flexline


Eventhough calves in single calf hutches are separated from the other calves it is important that they still have some social contact. The Topcalf double calf hutch isequipped with vision hatch so calves can see each other. Besides that Topcalf has invented the Flexline. The flexible calf pens can be easily transformed into a group hutch. This way you can keep your calves together throughout the first weeks of its life.


Products for Double Calf Hutch

Duo calf box

Mobile calf box for two animals. Easy to clean and easy to move.

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