Standard size: 320 x 240 x 230 cm

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Calf Hutch Three Calves


  • Frame made of galvanized steel
  • 2 separation walls
  • Adjustable bars in the front gate
  • Removable slatted floor
  • Available as Easy-Clean version
  • Divisible front gates
  • Lighting and elektricity included
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Why the trio edition?


The Topcalf Trio calf hutch stands for quality. The longevity of this product provides both you and your calves with optimal comfort. This hutch is equipped with lighting and electricity as standard. Moreover this calf housing is standard equipped with divisible front gates, which allows you to step into the hutch without disturbing a drinking calf. Thanks to the isolated roof and the sliding panels in the back, its very easy to control the climate inside the hutch.

This Trio hutch is also equipped with removable separation walls, which allows you to turn the separate pens, into a small group housing. Like all the Topcalf calf housing solutions, the Trio calf hutch can be moved easily by using a forklift.

The Easy-clean system

Topcalf has invented the Easy-Clean product line in order to make labour more efficient and provide a clean housing to your calves. Thanks to its tilt grid you can empty the hutch in a blink of an eye. See below footage for more information.


The Trio hutch can optionally be equipped with the Topcalf Easy-clean system. This system allows you to easily muck out the calf pen, by pulling out the pin on the backside. By doing so, the floor of the calf hutch becomes tiltable. With this system, time and energy can be saved.

Topcalf Easy Clean

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Products for Trio

Trio Easy Clean

The Trio Easy-clean calf hutch can easily be mucked out semi-automatically and has an integrated manure catcher.

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Calf hut for 3 calves. Available with forklift sled or in a mobile version.

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